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Bachelor psychology in the Netherlands

april 3, 2018

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A bachelor psychology in the Netherlands is your pathway in becoming a talent in the field of psychology, whether you aspire a job opportunity as a shrink, a psychological co-operator or choose for a scientific career. Many students from Europe or The United States Of America choose for completing a bachelor psychology in the Netherlands. The Dutch academic education system is internationally known for its high ratings, especially when it comes to the field of health care and psychological care. Employers throughout the whole world provide a true head start to students with a graduate for bachelor psychology in The Netherlands.

A bachelor psychology in the Netherlands will learn you a better understanding in the human mind and behaviour. They teach you to become a thinking and handling independent professional. You learn very much about yourself and others and receive much reflection from students and professors. A bachelor psychology in the Netherlands is appropriate for you when you are fascinated or helpful in the behaviour of people who need care and understanding. It’s a good choice study for those who are interested in people’s skills, emotions and developing chances.

Holland is a great country for your bachelor psychology

Students find the best fit if they are empathic, able to work independently and willing to read, write and analyze very much. For access on a Dutch university for your bachelor psychology a pre-university diploma equivalent to the VWO diploma in the Netherlands is obligated.

Holland is a great country for academic life. It’s one of the most international orientated areas in Europe, especially the western part. The Netherlands offer you a vibrant, safe and diverse society and everyone can speak English. Every city with a university has nice housing options on or nearby the campus and with a fair selection.

A bachelor psychology in the Netherlands: the start of a great career

The Netherlands are a perfect fit for bachelor psychology and provide you many job opportunities or scientific challenges after finishing your graduating. The Holland academic life is very open and welcoming to students from abroad. The Netherlands have a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, mostly designed to the American standard of grading for exams. There are various specialization options after your bachelor psychology in The Netherlands.

Besides the main universities it’s also possible to do your bachelor psychology in the Netherlands at a department of the internationally known Webster University. They offer you for a top-billing global, action-orientated academic career with English-taught study programmes and extensive partnerships with other universities and research organizations.